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Hi – I really busy and can’t update website. But all hack is worked.

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Before started read carefully:

1- No need ROOT

2- No Ban (I use three years of hacking – You can see 22.500 Ruby this video(YoutubeMirror Link))

3- No Install APP (Just Copy File)

— Don’t Forget Backup of .res Folder for Recovery Rangers

4- 2 years sale in my country – 99% satisfaction. Now International sales.

100% Worked

Videos in Youtube :

5- There are three ways to pay :

► A) Direct pay with – Send to ” 1MpJXBwXqv4xqkUuimxxmzvLnqe1LjsUT7  ” ((BitCoin))- Recommended

100% guaranteed receive file – After pay send E-Mail to both address (  – )

► B) Pay with  (E-Voucher) – Direct Pay To ” U16646590 ” _ After pay send E-Mail – Good offer

► C) Pay with ((BitCoin)) – Can Pay Online and Get Fast (Download after Pay – at the same time).

6- Subscribe to the site. Once pay $4. Send new hack first to members, And get random coupon code.

7- 30% discount for opening a site.

8- Use 40% discount when introducing your friends.

Say Name and E-Mail the one who introduced the site to you in “Additional information / Order notes”. We send coupon for your friend.

Important note : At the time of payment, No Close page, No Refresh Page. Wait for complete payment (Wait 10-15 minute). Can search in web for great payment (Learn and do).

The site has just been launched. So if there was a problem. Let us know. Thanks

Support for Persian and English languages.

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